About Us

Barrie Spiritual Centre

A Spiritual Centre of Healing, Connecting and Learning.

We have been drawn to the Community of Barrie, Ontario to share with you in the abundance of many spiritual and metaphysical gifts we can offer to each other. Barrie is truly a special place that connects us to our soul and resonates with the spirit of the New World that is Emerging all around us. We feel connected to the heart of the metaphysical community here in Barrie. On our very first visit to your community we saw a Spectacular Double Rainbow!! We felt this Rainbow Connection was our warm and loving invitation to join your community. We now live here in a house on Rose Street and continue the legacy of spiritual growth we have loved to engage in throughout many lifetimes.

Debora Christy Love

Certified Hypnotist, Past Life Regressionist and Reiki Master

A near death experience at a young age began Debora on her awakening spiritual journey. Debora is certified with the National Guild of Hypnotists and has Past Life Regression Certification. Debora practices the healing arts as a Quantum Touch practitioner and Reiki Master, teacher. Debora is a psychic clairvoyant, has a deep connection to her higher self, and tunes in to spirit guides, angels, and loved ones.

David Shepard Love

Ordained Metaphysical Minister, Published Author, Lecturer and Pastor

David began his spiritual journey very young. He soon joined an ashram and learned the value of meditation and a holistic lifestyle as he channeled the writings of the first of several books, Love Illuminations. He has always been an organizer of peace meditation events, including the 1987 Harmonic Convergence where he gave the key note speech. Ordained as a Metaphysical minister David enjoys life coaching, intuitive counseling, psychic readings and officiating weddings. Check out his websites all of which he mastered to give the best information available on rainbows, time, dimensions and universal mysteries.
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