Metaphysical Article

Hypnosis For Mind, Body & Spirit

By Debora Love

What is the first thing you think of when you hear the word “Hypnosis”

Many people's first thought is a fear induced thought of some entertainment they might have seen where someone was on stage doing funny things for the audience. It can be used for entertainment, and can be very funny. It shows the power of suggestion during a stage show to have great impact but in a non therapeutic way. People can get on stage and forget things they know or say a certain word when they hear a bell ring or whatever instruction they were given, and follow it very well. Just imagine the results that are possible when the same process is used to, get rid of fears, or insomnia, unwanted habits or boost confidence. The beneficial uses for hypnosis are vast and impressive. It causes fear in some, that that person has lost control. But in reality, they have simply volunteered and agreed to follow and trust the instructions given until instructed otherwise. We do have the power to override the suggestions. However what happens in everyday life all the time is, we are bombarded with suggestions and we are not always vigilant about keeping the filter of discernment up, and things just slip past the conscious mind into the subconscious mind.

Hypnosis works by having the conscious mind in a state of focused attention. It can be light or intense. It is a normal state of mind and all of us are in that state several times in an average day. Watching a movie intently, playing a video game or reading a book, even that small space just before sleep or waking up fully. Sometimes driving we are in that state, we find ourselves in trace wondering if we actually remember that traffic light turning green that we've gone through already. We somehow go into an auto pilot mode and sometimes our subconscious mind shows us how it has better reflexes than the conscious mind. Sometimes while walking we just suddenly stop and see something that is quite timely to see and if we hadn't had that prompt from the subconscious we would have missed it. The subconscious mind is the part that never sleeps and remembers all. It sees a bigger picture than we do and watches out for us when it can get through to the conscious mind. That is what hypnosis does. It gives us access to that part of the mind that has many answers for us. It is a way to find out the true causes of many things that may be affecting us negatively, like a habit, or an illness or a fear. These causes are brought to the surface and often that is the key to being able to treat what ever ailment you are seeking to cure.
Our mind works similar to a computer. Our subconscious mind is the programing and the conscious mind is the operator. Whatever programs are installed will run repeatedly until the operator decides to change the program. The only problem with this system in a human is that we receive our programming from others. We are continually programmed from the time we are born with outside influences. And as I mentioned before the filter of discernment is often down and programs we are not even aware of slip in and can reek havoc in our lives. The subconscious mind programs work by forming associations between things and events or actions and emotions, those things become a belief. The soul purpose of the subconscious mind is to make true every belief we have. Our reality is created by what we believe. It is very important if you understand this to do some searching and find out what our beliefs truly are and if they are working for us. For example. Some one wants to quit smoking and they can't seem to be kick the habit. Under hypnosis techniques are used to uncover what associations have been made and what beliefs have been formed that are not allowing this person to quit. It may be found that in this person's childhood their Grandfather smoked. Their Grandfather was seen by this child as an important and successful man. The Grandfather was a smoker. The concept of success and the action of smoking became attached in association. This becomes a belief program in the subconscious mind, smoking equals success.
If this program is not uncovered and collapsed. It will just continue running. Even though the person is saying they would like to quit smoking, the subconscious program that is looking out for you says, but if you quit smoking you will not be a successful person. This person then sabotages any effort they might have tried in effort to quit. When it is uncovered that this belief was formed at the age of 5 or 6 years old it can be removed by then instructing the subconscious mind that this is no longer a valid belief and can be let go now. It is then replaced with a new suggestion that smoking is not a healthy thing to do and success comes from other things that have nothing to do with smoking. The person will then have no trouble quitting this habit when the problem has been dealt with in this way.

In life our parents are probably our biggest programers. Our family members and later our peers. Often people in some authority have great influence over us and we don't even realize. Teachers, doctors, anyone that we look up to or has simply been given authority by the public, like a police officer, a judge or priest. The importance of our words is highly underestimated. We need to be responsible for what we say, especially to children and perhaps rethink that old saying that “words will never hurt me.” Many people who have weight issues their whole lives, have found through hypnosis that words said back when they were young, had a major impact on that constant battle of self worth and weight gain that spanned many years. Life long problems often start as words that seeped into the clients mind when they were very young. These are just some of the common reasons for hypnosis. There are many others. Fears that get connected to an emotion, or habits that got attention, all these connections can be very long running programs in the mind if we do not take the time to weed them out.

Television and the media are no stranger to the effects of hypnosis and the power of suggestion. Commercials are always showing their products and strongly using imaging to get the consumer to associate the desired feelings, outcomes or quality of life to their products. For example the product is shown to create a desired feeling such as freedom, success, sexiness or group acceptance. We are not really buying the product at that point we are attempting to buy the feeling that is now strongly inseparable to that product if we allow the suggestions to be imbedded in our subconscious mind.

In practice I have also found that past life regression can also be an invaluable tool as many times problems one encounters can be rooted in a past life and once discovered can lead to much growth and peace of mind. Many relationship issues and illnesses are explained when going back to where they originated in the distant past.

As a hypnotist I realize many people have feared that I can program them. In reality I can help them to deprogram themselves and offer new solutions that can allow them to be happier, freer and able to reach the goals they set for themselves.

Debora Love

Debora Love is a Certified Hypnotist, Past Life Regressionist, Quantum Touch Practitioner and Reiki Master