Metaphysical Article

Living Beings Unite

By David Shepard-Love

Many eons ago there was divine light that wished to express itself and joy in its creation. It so loved and in this splendor it began to move and Light expressed itself upon this Globe of Living Energy we experience as earth. Such a splendor here as the Being of Light moved forth joyfully and out of this joy sprang the Loving Creations all around.

The Being of Light now was seeing the fruits of internal movements of Love as Mountains sprang forth and valleys and seas and forests now adorned this mighty spinning globe. The Living Light Being was pleased and with such a smile created a sprinkling of flowers everywhere to remind the Creation. You are so loved. And looking forth upon this Splendid Creation the Light Being said all is well, yet like a spring making its way to the surface to offer life's healing water so too the Being of Light moved and knew, "I must express my Love so much more deeply now and enrich the lands and seas and air". and from the Depths of Being Sprang Forth a Mighty Movement. Alive from the One sprang the Four Living Beings. "Arise and take up your place upon this Noble Earth. You are me and I am you. Arise!"

And through the Four Gates into the four corners of the Living Earth moved the powers of the water's deep and to the Air soared Majestic wonders and to the forest splendor and Jungles teaming Life. Rise Up! Out of Light moved the Kings of Sky, Waters, Forests and Jungles. In this, from the fullness of heart, All of the Grandness of the Light Being represented.. Human!

It is given to these Four Kings all Power and Authority to Rule the Sweet Living Globe!

Sky Moved and Arose Eagle soaring to spectacular heights. Stretching its wings to encircle All of Earth's Greater vista.

Water Moved and Arose Wise and Playful Dolphin. swimmer of the Oceans and the Mysteries of the Sea Within to Awaken Earth's source.

Forest Moved and Arose Grand Wolf. watcher of the Mountains, Valleys and Way to be One with Awakened Earth's Source.

Jungle Moved and Arose Majestic Lion. Given Nobility as One that moved in Heart-Spirit to Be Living Presence in Arisen Earth.

Each of the Four Living Beings where given Crowns of Glory to rule of their portions of the wonderful living spinning globe while the One Living Light Being Marveled Creative Source Yet even at the depths of the Living Light Beings Soul a song was wanting to birth. Human. Humans, the Clarion Call sounded, "King of Kings, the Rulers of the Nations and the Stewards of all the Land." And into Light Bursts Human to Dwell upon the Sweet Living Globe. To see and be one with the Sky, Water, Forest and Jungle's Majestic Glory.

All was the Garden and the Garden was this Earth, Paradise as Union of the Four Kings brought glory to the King of Kings and this King to Eagle, Dolphin, Wolf and Lion. And the song grew louder to where the King of Kings so wanting to know more. to know all. yet to Know All and Rule all?

The Veil was set and Man was to set Free the inner One and learn the song of life. The Human was to learn to dance with Rulers. the Four Living Beings. And in this the wisps of a veil were woven into a darkening curtain and began to bring trouble to the sky, water, forests and jungles. for veiled from living light, the true and everlasting authority, began to fain. Such a Price to pay, Human. Authority removed in placing a thickening veil about.and in this veiled Living Light the Sweet spinning Globe dimmed too as Life source dimmed.

For Now was Armageddon as Human Soul sought a greater song and wished to dance beyond the veil. The Living Being of Light observed its Creation now and Tears of Joy Arose in the Heart of all that is created here and in the twinkling of its eye appeared A Rainbow. "You my Mighty and Awesome Creation have arrived. You are Ready to Ascend for Now you See what the Heart Can Create."

Across the Spinning Living Globe arose a New Song that moved across the nations splitting the Veil that separated the Living Being of Light from its Creation. Humankind sang a New Song Arising the Glory of Sweet Spinning Earth's Creation. The Gates to the North, South, East and West were Flung Open to welcome the Four Kings of Sky, Water, Forrest and Jungle. The Eagle, the Dolphin, the Wolf and the Lion Came into Oneness from the four directions of the earth and throwing their crowns to center Arose Eternally Free.

The Veil had been removed and Communion Restored with Human Kind. The True Dance Had begun as Heart and Authority became One and now no longer do Human rule over, they rule With RAPTURE.

David Shepard Love
A.K.A David Christy

David Love is an Ordained Metaphysical Minister, Published Author, Lecturer, Inuitive Counsellor and Pastor