Metaphysical Article

Quantum Touch

By Debora Love

The Motto for Quantum Touch, written on the T shirt is “Your Love Has Impact” I think that these few words say the most about what Quantum Touch and all healing is really all about.

I had a near death experience when I was very young and one of the important things I was told then was that “Everything Is Energy”. We now have science and Quantum Physics to back up that everything is energy, whether it appears solid or not. On a microscopic level everything is made of moving particles that seem to have intellence working with them and that these particles are affected by thought and intention.

Everything also has a vibration that is its own. This is about how fast the particles are moving. It seems that the higher the vibration a person can hold the faster they will heal and the more easily they can assist others to heal. The yogis and mystics have known for eons about the breath and the importance of breathing properly and intentionally to raise one's vibration. With Quantum Touch the breath is also used to help hold this higher vibration and bring it to yourself and the person that you are helping to heal.

The Founder of Quantum Touch was a man by the name of Bob Rasmusson. He was very intuitive and was visiting friends home when their daughter came home from school very upset because children had been teasing her about her having bow legs. Bob was very sympathetic to her pain and wanted to do something to help this young girl. He felt he was guided to place his hands on her legs and breathing deeply within a few minutes this girls legs shifted to an alligned possition. This was the beginning of what is now call Quantum Touch. He was himself amazed and began to study and work with the energy and intention of healing. Was this something that could not have been done before? Probably not, but with discovery of what has always been there waiting for us to utilize, the minds of many had to be opened to the belief that this was not only possible, it was something that everyone of us is capable of. When we cut ourselves we don't think about how is that cut going to be healed. Our body's natural intelligence knows exactly what has to happen and it does. A few days later that small cut is healed. Our body's intellegence will respond to the intention from itself to heal but that response is multiplied by adding the intention of another.

The hands are usually placed in a very light fashion on and around the area that needs attention and with our breathing and intentions we run the energy. A field is created when the hands are on either side. Synergy is also at work as two people are agreeing on the same intention to heal.

Another system at work is resonance. This applies not only with Quantum Touch, but with wind up clocks on a wall and many other instances where energy balances itself out. With weather for instance, a high pressure system follows a low and achieves a balance. The person being healed will usually have their vibration raised to a higher level to aid with healing.

The great thing is with Quantum Touch that the person assisting with a healing is also receiving a treatment. With this breathing and intention of aid and healing running through their body to another they will also receive the benefits of healing themselves.

Quantum Touch can be used to safely treat pets, and usually they love it and know instinctively when they are done. They will just wander away when they feel better.

I have used Quantum Touch to aid with many different things such as headaches, sprains, burns, bee stings, after surgery or injury, sore throats, rotater cuffs, back pain, just about everything. I don't think there is anything that it can at least improve upon.
It is a great stress relief and can bring about not only physical healing but emotional healing and releases as well. It can be used on oneself, I have relieved several aches and pains many time with better quicker results than I would have even expected.

It is energy and can be used distantly to heal those that are anywhere at anytime. It is safe and easy to learn. Children can be taught the basics of it at an early age. It is great feeling, to know that if you see hurting or in distress that there is a fast, simple way that you can help them, because your love has impact.


Debora Love

Debora Love is a Certified Hypnotist, Past Life Regressionist, Quantum Touch Practitioner and Reiki Master