Metaphysical Article

Raising Our Vibration for Mother Earth

By David Shepard-Love

We are called this Mother's Day to Return to Love We are on the edge of a Grand new Beginning and already Our Mother, Our Earth, is raising her vibration. In a physical sense she is the one we have arisen from and just like all of us share the DNA of our earthly Mother we also share the DNA of our Sweet Mother Earth. It is for this reason she is called our Mother. As our Mother Earth raises her vibration in correlation to the increase of ethereal density we are experiencing over this entire region of our solar system we too will increase our vibration to match. Many who live in light and love will find this a natural process while others not so use to living at this higher vibration will find it most challenging. In essence none of us are being given a choice about this, consciousness, which is light or ethereal density, is increasing whether we are ready for it or not. This Mother's Day let us merge with the Divine Heart and Intent of Our Mother Earth and with intentional and heart felt integrity allow our auric field and vibration to resonate more freely and naturally to the pathways of love. Ways to do this always starts from within for each of us are the center of all that is. We are being asked to Love Ourselves more freely and fully. We are being shown examples of this awesome love as we look upon our Mother, who manifests as this Sweet Planet we live on. Just like Her see yourself as a Nurturer of All Life allowing your presence to create in all that you do and all that you will become. Yes, just like us Our Mother will go through many changes to accommodate this New Heaven on Earth as Ethereal density increases to to unparalleled levels. We will see many many physical changes as each and all of us are being given a New Heart, a New Being and a New Life to Live. No longer will we be allowed to live in the density of this 3D form for truly Heaven, ethereal density and spirit is merging magnificently with us. We are all becoming 4D beings and Heaven is our New Home right here on earth. So Prepare Yourself Well Dear Ones for This Time of Omnipotent Change is at Hand! We are all truly at a point where Love Love Love will not simply be words but indeed a way of being for all of us. Celebrate my Beloveds for this is to be the Beginning of the Best Mother's Days Ever!

David Shepard-Love
A.K.A David Christy

David Love is an Ordained Metaphysical Minister, Published Author, Lecturer, Intuitive Counsellor and Pastor