Metaphysical Article

Truth Change & Oneness

By Debora Love

“All is in one as one is in all. Only truth matters and truth is in one as truth is in all.”
This is a quote that I read many years ago and it has always stuck with me. It is a Hindu quote and I was unable to find who wrote it. It was like a light went on when I read it.

There is a difference between helping and doing it for someone. As a mother it becomes clear that at some point we need to let our children learn do things for themselves. We learn that if keep doing things, like picking up after etc. They just don't do it themselves. There has to be discernment. We cannot grow for anyone else. Sometimes the best thing we can do to help someone else grow, looks like we are deserting them. It looks like letting go. We may all see this has happened in our lives at some point as we grow into our own truth. We begin to live our truth and sometimes we notice that others we used to connect with are no longer on the same wave length or just find themselves avoiding us even though they might not be able to explain to you or themselves why that is. We must not take this personally. It is a sign that we need to let go. We have grown further into our own truth and sometimes that means the path we have shared with some others for awhile has taken a new turn, while those others have stayed where they were or moved in a different direction to their truth. What I've learned is that your beliefs whether you are conscious of them or not is what will be true for you. This is important as what we believe is exactly what we manifest. Yet there are many people who don't take the time to consciously examine what it is they really do believe. When beliefs change, your new truth becomes clear and when this happens there is growth. Growth means change. C h a n g e is often a four letter word that starts with F. ...... F e a r. Forgetting everything is all right.

I have in the past couple of years made many big changes in my life. I have experienced the letting go of many people and things. I still love these people but realize that our paths don't move parrell any longer. They need to find their own way, just like children grow up and move on. Some change is painful, but on a deeper level, there is a part of you that knows your truth, knows there is no stopping growth. We realize we have tried to prolong the change and pretend we did't need it, but it cannot be stopped. We have all seen how the roots of a tree will crack through and lift concrete. In fact the more and the longer it is prolonged the harder it will be. Of course we see this truth only after aligning ourselfs with the life force energy for growth and change. Oprah said it best when she described how life will first hit you with a pebble to show you that you need to change something in your life. When you don't listen then you will get a bigger stone and eventually if you don't make any changes you get a brick on the head that makes you have no choice but to see something isn't working.

Pondering this one day after I had made many changes, I came up with an answer that explained why those others who seemed close to me suddenly seemed like they were avoiding me. It was almost like they couldn't really explain it either but it was definately there.
I meditated on it and asked what this was that I was feeling from them and why. The answer that came was this.....that these big changes that Ive been through are contagious. Just like a cold, to be avoided. I remember thinking that that was kind of funny. That truth and change could actually be at least energetically contagious. Just by my being around them I was somehow making others have to see what Ive had to do to move into my truth.... and heaven forbid they may have to look at their own life to see if any of it applies to them. My truth was shining bright for all to see, if only they would look.....Better not

We are all O N E. Everything is part of the O N E As one we are life consciousness and life consciousness is us. Everything we do affects everyone and everything else. I F and that is a big I F we can remember this in everything we do and think, we would make our lives sooo much simpler. But humans have always had a way to make simple things become very difficult.

All life has a plan. It is really one and the same plan even though it takes on many different forms and experiences. It is always the one plan unfolding in the collective as a collective. But it is the same everywhere and for all. How do we know this?.... Because we are all one, how could it be any different. The prime directive for all life is to grow and evolve and become more of itself. We see this working perfectly in the plant world. We see a plant grow from a seed to a sprout and on to become exactly what it is meant to become, where it eventually drops seeds to become more of itself. There may be some weather variations or even interuptions of humans or animals, but the plant goes forward in one direction to fulfil its purpose. None of the variations of its growth are self imposed. That is the difference. We can learn from a plant. A plant doesn't decide one day that it doesn't want to be a plant and to try and be something else. It rejoices in being the plant it is.

Humans have evolved to experience a higher consciousness. The human consciousness has become self aware, able to make decisions for itself and has what is called free will. And so by excercising our free will we give ourselves all variation of many many different experiences. Some enjoyable some not. We all see the benefit of having enjoyable experiences, but make no mistake about this, know that all are e q u a l in teaching us what we need to know. There is no judgement if we remember all is one. Our directive and destination is the same. Our path is our choice. There is only one way that I see that can help to make our experience one of more joy and less pain. That is to try at all times to align our will with that of Growth, Evolution, and more of life. Again this sounds simple but as humans we have devised many many ways to make it a very difficult thing to do. We have been divinely given not only free will, but a small knowing voice inside of us that tries desparately to get through to us on a conscious level, if we take the time to quiet the outside world and look within. Divine source in its ultimate love for us, as us, gave us not only free will, which is like saying to your young children “ok go out and do whatever you want, you'll get home someday.” But Source gave us a map of how to get home joyously, if we go within and listen and follow the voice of our heart. Does this mean that we even if we try we won't have any pain in our lives. Probably not, we are still human, but it will definately be easier than if we always listen to others and follow the free advice that society is so eager for us to follow.

Does it mean that free will is an illusion? That depends on it if we can remember that we are one with source or not. If we forget we are one with source then it seems possible to choose other than with the life force energy, which will simply be a chain of experience of not being aligned.... a loop of not so pleasant experiences that will ultimatelty lead us back to the point of choosing again. Yet even this loop is part of the one. If we remember that we are one with source we remember that in surrendering to the life force energy, which is truly us, there is only one choice for a quick and joyful path home. So whether we take 1 loop or 500 loops back to the point of choice, eventually we get home. The destination is the same, our only choice is which path. The choices are all on the same game board, but how many snakes do we need to slide down?

“All is in one as one is in all. Only truth matters and truth is in one as truth is in all.”

Debora Love

Debora Love is a Certified Hypnotist, Past Life Regressionist, Quantum Touch Practitioner and Reiki Master