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Psychic Services by Debora Love or David Love

  • Psychic Card Readings:
    Empower Yourself with a Psychic Reading

Bringing you the Best In Professional Psychic Readings For Mind, Body & Spirit Metaphysical Counseling.

30 minute phone/skype reading - $40.

30 minute in person reading - $40.
60 minute in person reading - $70.

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  • Intuitve Conselling:
    Helping Shape a Life that Works

Have self-confidence and increased self-esteem in romance, career and life.

30 minute on phone intuitve conselling with David - $30.
60 minute on phone intuitive counselling with David - $60.

30 minute in office intuitve conselling with Debora - $30.
60 minute in office intuitive counselling with Debora - $60.

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  • Home and Personal Spirit Clearing:
    Feel Confident and Safe in Your Own Home

I am a psychic and spiritual counsellor and have cleared many homes and persons of unwanted energies. I can answer your questions and teach you how to keep it clear. ~Debora Love

In Home Evaluations and Spirit Clearings $80
Distant Spirit Clearing Services $40.00

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Healing Services by Debora Love

  • Past Life Regression:
    Many healings occur when we discover the original source of the problem is in a past life.

Debora Love is a NGH Certified Consulting Hypnotist with Past Life Training Certification.

Two Hour Past Life Regression Session - $120.
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  • Hypnosis Sessions:
    Heal Yourself Naturally

Hypnosis is a Proven and Reliable Treatment for Health, Well Being, and Confidence Issues.

1.5 to 2 hour Hypnosis Session:
1 Hypnosis Session - $100.
2 Hypnosis Sessions - $190.
3 Hypnosis Sessions - $280.
4 Hypnosis Sessions - $370.
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  • Reiki Treatments:
    "REI" ~ "KI" means "Spiritually Guided" and "Life Force Energy"

Relax and enjoy the balancing and healing benefits of Reiki energy or give the gift of a treatment to someone you love.

Reiki Treatment (1 hour) - $60.
Distant Healing Session - $30.

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  • Emotion Code Distant Healing:
    One Session Can Release 15-20 Trapped Emotions

Developed by Dr. Bradley Nelson the Emotion Code has relieved the pains and symptoms of many people around the world.

Emotion Code Distant Healing Treatment - $40.

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Metaphysical Classes

  • Reiki Certification Classes:
    You will receive Usui Reiki Attunements, a Complete Reiki Manual and Certificate of Completion.

Learn to tap in to this Universal Life Force Healing Energy. A safe and natural way to promote healing and balance energy within the mind, body and spirit.

Level 1 Reiki Cerfication - $100.
Level 1 Reiki Cerfication - $100.
Master Level Reiki Cerfication - $125.

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Metaphysical Workshops

  • Introduction to Emotion Code
    You will receive Usui Reiki Attunements, a Complete Reiki Manual and Certificate of Completion.

We will Learn How and Why We Trap Emotions Practice Muscle Testing Techniques And Work with the Emotion Code Chart.

1:00-5:00 PM Feb. 18, 2017 Introduction to Emotion Code Workshop $300.

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Debora's CD and David's Book

  • Love Will Find A Way CD
    Written and Sung By
    Debora Love

A collection of Debora's finest songs from the past 15 years. Masterfully produced you will find yourself on a journey somewhere over the rainbow into the heart of love.

Buy Online for $13.97
  • Love Illuminations Book
    Written By
    David Shepard Love

We are entering into the Aquarian Age. This is a time when the outpouring of the Knowledge of Spirit will flow abundantly.
In this book you will find 150 writings of affirmation and wisdom to guide you to fully embracing and dancing within this Age of Spiritual Freedom.

Buy Online for $14.95

More Metaphysical Services, Workshops and Products Coming Soon

  • Presented By:
    Debora Love and David Shepard Love

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