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Past Life Regressions

Learn about relationships that span lifetimes.

Explore Your Past Lives with Debora Love NGH Certified Consulting Hypnotist - Past Life Training Certification. Many healings occur when we discover the original source of the problem is in a past life. Learn about relationships that span lifetimes and discover the answers to health issues, and the causes of fears, strong likes or dislikes in this lifetime. The subconscious mind never sleeps and remembers all. You have the answers.

"In spring 2010, I saw Debora, in order to be a case-study participant for her Past Life Case Studies. My successful regression has challenged my foundation for thinking, my belief system and values awareness. No matter how difficult it may seem for an individual to grow outside their own lines of their comfort zone, it does stimulate free-thinking and growth. And as I am all for improvement, I find I am now on a new learning curve for life, even at the tender age of 45! Thanks Deb!"
~ Rhonda S.R.

Two Hour Past Life Regression Session - $120.
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Hypnosis Sessions

Heal Yourself Naturally

Hypnosis is a Proven and Reliable Treatment for Health, Well Being, and Confidence Issues. Through Hypnosis we can tap into our hidden power and dispel fears, negative emotions and limiting beliefs, heal our mind and body and make positive and lasting changes in our lives in order to reach our full potential.
Pain ~ Relieve Stress
Fears ~ Stop Smoking
Weight Loss ~ Habits
Insomnia ~ Confidence
Self Esteem ~ Learning Enhancement
Past Life Regressions

Journey to the Subconscious Mind
That Never Sleeps & Remembers All

You Have the Answers
A New Perspective Can Reduce Stress

Be Your Best Self Peaceful & Happier

Hypnosis Can Help! If You Can Believe It...

You Can Achieve It Personalized for Your Goals and Life.

"Hi Debora: I like to let you know how happy and grateful I am. The hypnosis sessions I did with you for weight loss, were very gentle, professional and enlightening. The approach you used with finding out where the weight gain all started from was brilliant and helped me enormously. I enjoyed the sessions, the fact that I was always in control gave a good feeling, although it was not that important to me, but could be for other clients. To date I have lost 28 pounds and counting (down). Debora, thank you so much, I can recommend this treatment to anyone who wishes to lose weight, and if the treatment had a star rating I would give it 5 stars out of 5."
Sincerely, Maria S.


1.5 to 2 hour Hypnosis Session:
1 Hypnosis Session - $100.
2 Hypnosis Sessions - $190.
3 Hypnosis Sessions - $280.
4 Hypnosis Sessions - $370.
(multible session discounts apply when paid for all at once)
(4 Sessions Recommended for Wieght Loss)
Number of Hypnosis Sessions

Number of Hypnosis Sessions
Debbie Love ~ NGH Certified Consulting Hypnotist

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Reiki Treaments

"REI" ~ "KI" means "Spiritually Guided" and "Life Force Energy"

Reiki energy is Universal Life Force Energy. It is a safe and natural way to promote healing and balance energy within the mind body and spirit. Laying on of hands directs the energy to the person receiving. It can also be sent distantly as energy is not limited by space or distance.

Reiki can work for anyone and can speed the healing of injuries, lessen pain and unblock energy flows within your aura. Usually a tingly, warm and radiant glow is felt.

There is absolutely no pressure applied. Your body knows how to heal itself and needs only the application of the practitioners hands to boost your energy vibration to a higher level.

Relax and enjoy the balancing and healing benefits of Reiki energy or give the gift of a treatment to someone you love.

Reiki Treatment (1 hour) - $60.
Distant Healing Session - $30.

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Give Someone You Love Renewed Wellness
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Emotion Code

In one session I can release safely 15 to 20 trapped emotions.

Developed by Dr. Bradley Nelson the Emotion Code has relieved the pains and symptoms of many people around the world. All of us have trapped emotions in our body at some point, when dealing with an issue that waseither not convenient or just too painful. Trapped emotions are like magnetic energy balls that can be located anywhere in your body. Because they are magnetic you keep attracting or generating circumstances to experience like emotions, whereby you have another chance to either release the trapped energy or add to it. If you attract like emotions to you and do not deal with them a second or consecutive time you can trigger the already trapped emotion to manifest in a pain symptom of some kind. This is to get your attention but often just is misunderstood and not associated with its real cause. Using muscle testing on myself as a proxy for your energy, with your consent of course, I can determine which emotions you have trapped and sometimes when they became trapped. It is a simple method then of usuing a Niken magnetic roller to release the trapped emotion. In one session I can release safely 15 to 20 trapped emotions. Many people have many more than this and also have what is called a heart wall which is often comprised of many emotions. If you wish a distance session with me I will need to know your name, age, and which specific syptoms you wish to have alleviated. I will also need your email so I can report to you my findings and written report. It is my honor to help you know yourself better and continue your journey with more comfort and peace of mind.
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Emotion Code Distant Healing Treatment - $40.

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