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by Rev. David Love

Weddings By David Love

Non Denominational Wedding Officiant for Beautiful Ceremonies

Here you can connect with all the information you need to make your wedding day a beautiful and memorable occasion. Hiring a wedding officiant is a personal decision based on finding someone is a right fit for your personality and preferences. It is my joy to work hard to make your wedding ceremony wonderful just the way you want it. Here are many different wedding ceremonies available to suit your specific desires and wishes. Choose one your liking and feel free to add or subtract, trade of modify any way you would like. We Celebrate with Ceremonies for the Ones You Love at Weddings Barrie.

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"Rev. David Love did a wonderful job.He was more than helpful with suggestions to help make it personal to us. Rev. David did an excellent job and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to any of my friends or family in the future!"
~ Jenna F.

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Celebration of Life by David Love

Ceremonies Honoring the One You Love who has Passed

A Celebration of Life is a tribute to the journey that a person has taken in this world. Each person has made a unique contribution to life. They have influenced everyone that they have had contact with. They have had a impact on this world.

I am a trained professional with over 30 years of ministerial experience skilled in the art of writing and delivering a loving and memorable eulogy of the deceased. I work closely with the family and friends to paint a picture that truly represents your loved one’s, accomplishments, interests, and values.

The entire ceremony that we create together with readings, songs, music, eulogies, rituals and other displays or media will be a wonderful, heartfelt and meaningful tribute to the unique life path of your loved one.

To start the process, contact me for an appointment.

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Rev. David Love ~ Life Cycles Officiant

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Naming Ceremonies

Celebrate your Child’s Birth in a Modern Naming Ceremony

Just as weddings are more commonly moving out of churches and into parks and gardens, parents are moving away from the more formal tradition of christening towards a more modern ceremony with a naming day service with a naming celebrant. Celebrate the Birth of Your New Baby in a Meaningful Way. A Naming Ceremony is a non-religious celebration of the arrival of a new child. It is a way of welcoming the child and ceremonially introducing him or her to family and friends.
A Naming Ceremony is a great way to bring together two families over a baby. Naming ceremonies are appropriate for everyone. A naming ceremony for older children is a wonderful way to affirm their self-esteem and give them a sense of unity with the family. A Naming Ceremony can be organized any way you like with stories, poems, songs and other original pieces. Ceremonies often include Vows of Parents and a Declaration of the Child's Name and its history. We will work together to insure this a special day of remembrances for the parents, family and guests with a loving ceremony that honors your traditions and heritage.

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Meditations by David Love

Make the Most of Your Meditation!

Breathe, connect and focus your heart and mind to fully activate chakra centres. Awaken your spirit to life force energy found in all of nature. Natural techniques will help you stop the “mind chatter” and powerfully connect you universally.

Take your Meditation Practice to the Next Level.
Connect to Nature's Energy
Energize Your Seven Energy Centres
Transformative Natural Simple Techniques
Merkaba Light Body Activation
Experience True Rainbow Energy
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Metaphysical Books by David Shepard Love

Rainbow Mystic and Visionary

Rainbow Matrix is a book 40 years in the making. It represents a collective of the highest and best information on the rainbow. It is a comprehensive study of the language of light and how it manifests universally within base Sacred Geometry with the specific guidance of the natural rainbow. This book reveals all the major worldwide Rainbow Prophecies and how they effect us in the here and now. The earth is awakening as never before.


"I finished reading your book yesterday.
I loved the end especially, a complete sense of peace and love. As if it were the end of anything that ever had to be said!
Isn't this the last book that ever needs to be written!!!!????
Your writing manner is striking. You are a conduit presenting facts and you do it masterfully in it's ease and straightforwardness, never allowing yourself to get in it's way yet palpably present. That makes everything very credible and trustworthy.
The formulas are amazing. Absolutely astounding. Again, expertly presented.
Charming, endearing, hope-instilling and miraculously comforting are the many facts this book presents. True balm for our development toward that perfection."

We are entering into the Aquarian Age. This is a time when the outpouring of the Knowledge of Spirit will flow abundantly.

In this book you will find 150 writings of affirmation and wisdom to guide you to fully embracing and dancing within this Age of Spiritual Freedom. Each writing is a reflection of the human condition. Through the spectrum of struggle to victory you will feel the connection for we are all one, each of us seeking peace and happiness.

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"This is the pot of gold. The beginning, the end and everything in between". Thank you for your work, David. I am glad to know you and your magnificent work. Namaste.
~ Karin